Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't you realise too?


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Especially for YOU

i was really shocked on Monday morning in college library when i heard the news. I just couldn't believe what i was told. tears shed in my eyes and mom too..she was on the phone crying. everything just happened too fast.
I will always remember you friend.
You will always be in our mind.
And the times we had when we were small, they will remain forever.
Thanks for these 18 years.
WE LOVE YOU DW, may you rest in peace.

Ps : we miss you !

Monday, May 3, 2010

I miss the times we had ! :) lets meet up soooooooon ! *juummmmppp*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ahahah i knoww i konwww! has been a lil lazy nyehehek :P
AUSMAT 1-week holiday!

i've been enjoying every bit of it so faarr :)
mommy took leave on monday to accompany me.didnt go anywhere, just mopped floor in the morning then fetched ian, lunch,cendol :D, home and dinner. a simple day but much love with the people i treasure (:
tuesday! mommy took leave again! ian didnt go to school bcus it was sports we went KL! daddy drove us down to Midvalley and he went to work after that. before MValley, dad dropped by Kajang to meet his dealer. i drove thereeeeeeee! i drove from seremban to kajang! :D:D:D Mvalley was kinda empty since it was a weekday. but we had a great time shopping and had lunch in food junction. daddy came around 330pm and we headed to UncleKok's house in Kajang. huge house and very airy which i like (: drove back to Sban and Ian went tuition. i loved tuesday too!
wed nothing much since mommy didnt take leave. i was home all day studying and online. kononnya studying laaa HAHA.
today! thursday. mommy and daddy take leave..ouhyaaayyy:D had breakfast with them and drove to Jusco, thought of buying Iron Man2 tickets but it doesnt suit our time. and..i scratched my daddy's car.felt so bad though the scratch isnt too obvious but quite obvious though LOL drove to Mbo and bought tickets then. came home told daddy bout it..surprisingly he didnt scold nor has any big reactions because cars are his diamonds. haha! cars are big thats why i need to be careful :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


ouhyeah everything bout RC today! :)
was so glad to go over to the school and see the bunch of juniors with their NGO since this was their first and last year of NGO in highschool. it was pretty happy to see them growing mature now and i guess now everyone of them has the capability to lead the whole team of RC. yeah they are doing quite well and hope to see better work from them ;) still remember the times me and my committees were struggling because of the junior board due to their responsibility, everything that they delayed, procastination, attitudes and etc. but well, today i have seen pretty much matured leaders in the rc team. they were trying their best i know but they still needed more effort to push themselves to the winning point. but naah what matters is teamwork eyh? :D and bcus of their time limit plus the strong competitors they actually done a great job :)
so i hope to see better stuffs this coming week and during the enrolment, especially sports day marching :D
I'm impressed. (:

Monday, April 5, 2010

didnt realise?

you are the one making the distance.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday !

heeyy its sundaayy :) sundays ohhhh :D
woke up early morning to take breakfast with family and headed to selayang to pray mom's mommyy and grandparents.its cheng beng :) drove ian to tuition after that then to lunchhhh! asked daddy if i can drive home and he allowed me to! OMG SO HAPPPYYY! okay dad and mom said my turning at corners is too fast. so i gota be drove to town to fetch ian home too. so excited weyhh! hahaha:D
home and started doing forum slides till now? HAHA i was online and doing other things as well so slides are done. what else for TOMORRRROOWWW? :O grrhhh.
should i go back college later or tomorrow morning? hmm.